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Silicon carbide high temperature resistant sheet, is the daily ceramic and crafts ceramic high temperature sintering necessary for high temperature bearing board, the product has excellent thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, oxidation resistance, high temperature strength, long service life, long-term use of slag, the product wall thickness 5-6 mm, light weight fast heat conduction, easy to operate, can save the kiln electricity or natural gas about 25%, Improve enterprise production capacity, greatly reduce enterprise production costs, reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment

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Silicon carbide high temperature resistant sheet, is the daily ceramic and crafts ceramic high temperature sintering necessary for high temperature bearing board, the product has excellent thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, oxidation resistance, high temperature strength, long service life, long-term use of slag, the product wall thickness 5-6 mm, light weight fast heat conduction, easy to operate, can save the kiln electricity or natural gas about 25%, Improve enterprise production capacity, greatly reduce enterprise production costs, reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment

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