Silicon carbide lined wear resistant pipe

The reaction sintered silicon carbide ceramics are lined on the inner wall of metal or polyurethane pipes through bonding, welding and other processes

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Silicon carbide wear-resisting lining composite pipe, is a reaction sintered silicon carbide ceramics, by adhesive bonding process line on or polyurethane materials such as metal pipe wall, is the original pipeline has high wear resistance Chemical corrosion resistance, reaction sintered silicon carbide ceramic mohs hardness of 9.2 or so, hardness is second only to diamond, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance and self-lubricating performance is better Its low friction coefficient Light weight and high strength, resistance to wear life is generally several times of wear-resist!ng ceramics Polyurethane wear-resisting rubber particles such as polymer materials ten times, according to user needs production various specifications the size of the elbow Three-way cross section tube, reducer, and other special-shaped pieces, has been widely used in mining, chemical industries of iron and steel metallurgy electricity powder conveying Desulfurization, denitration, dust removal and other wear and corrosion resistant pipe lining