Full of silicon carbide lined with cyclone, the overall lined with silicon carbide, namely hydrocyclone including overflow, overflow pipe bending, vortex (feed), straight section of cylinder, cone, cone, small cone LiuKou, all adopt the overall reaction sintered silicon carbide material production molding, reoccupy ceramic adhesive technology such as shell inner wall, set in hydrocyclone using reaction sintered silicon carbide material of high hardness, high The strength and the self-lubrication of the material itself, reduce the friction coefficient between the separation medium and the silicon carbide lining, maximize the overall service life of the cyclone, wear-resisting life is more than 3 times that of ordinary alumina ceramics, is polyurethane Wear-resista nt granule glue and other polymer materials more than ten times or even dozens of times, according to different working conditions and different media, silicon carbide lining wall thickness can be large or small, can also be designed for non-equal wall thickness structure, reduce production costs, the overall Angle and diameter size can be selected at will, the overall height can also be customized according to specific needs